2016 Favorites!!!

Hi guys… Well, I took quite sometime to decide what to write about for the first post of 2017 and when I checked other blogs, I mostly found resolutions.

Unfortunately, I’m yet to come out with a resolution(s). So I’ve decided to scan through my purchases this year and filter some of my favorites because I think it’s a good idea to share my favorites of 2016. Hope you’ll like it…

My first absolute favorite is this Ankle Boots from Forever 21 that my husband got me from Bangkok. I saw it online, instantly fell in love with it and asked my husband to get it for me while he was there for work.

My Ankle boot is in tan and you can get them Here

The next favorite is a bomber jacket from Uniqlo, Bangkok which was also bought by my husband from Bangkok.

This is in dark blue color but the picture is not great because of the lighting I guess. I wore it many times, which is why it looks crumbled. lol

Another jacket that my husband brought for me is another favorite of mine. It’s a denim jacket. I always wanted a denim jacket but couldn’t find the right one in Bhutan, so my husband found it in Bangkok again. And it’s actually also from Uniqlo, I didn’t know they sold denim until I got this…

Just to make it look interesting, I paired it up with an old pair of jeans that I bought few years back from Forever 21, an old T-shirt from H&M and my new Superstar which is also my absolute favorite. 

I always wanted to buy myself a Superstar shoe but I didn’t find the right size in Bhutan, so I ordered from Nepal when my Aunt went there. And FYI, it’s a copy… Nope, not original.

This is a good copy of Superstar from Nepal with no spelling mistakes 😉 LOL

Then from the Cosmetics and skincare, following are my favorites…

Brightening and hydrating foundation from Sephora in shade beige… shop here
This is The One illuskin concealer also in beige and I got this from Oriflame. Oriflame is quite popular among Bhutanese ladies. 
I love this foam bath from M&S… Click Here for my past post on this…
I also love this moisturizer… Click here for my past post on this…

And lastly, one of my first purchases of 2016, a cute little handbag from ASOS (Newlook).

I love this bag and I bought it for only £10 when there was a winter sale on ASOS. ASOS shopping is quite popular in Bhutan. 

Hope you enjoyed my post… until next time… Happy New Year!!!




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