Bitter Sweet July!

Hi Guys, it’s the first of August and I’m sooooo glad its a fresh month and I can start fresh again…lol… I can’t wait for November/December to come because of some reason which I’ll keep a secret till then 😉 Well, I’m mostly glad that the weather will cool down soon because honestly, I don’t like the heat so much. That’s why I love Spring and Autumn… I’m not even very fond of cold either…

Anyway, July, 2017 have been bitter sweet as I had to bid farewell to one of my best friends who left for Australia for “god knows how long”… But on the brighter side, I was showered with soooo many gifts this month, especially chocolates…hmmm I love chocolates…

So, following are in pictures the gifts and the friend who left for Aussie land…

Date Chocolate from my Husband…


Ferrero Raffaello coconut chocolate also from my husband and another one from my brother-in-law


Belgian Dark chocolate and Almond chocolate from my Portuguese friend who lives in Belgium…


Ferrero Rocher Chocolates from my brother-in-law…


Lemon Lemongrass vitalizing body milk by Dr. Hauschka from my French friend who also lives in Belgium…


This one’s from my sister-in-law who lives in Brisbane, Australia… This lip balm is soooo good by the way… very moisturizing… This products is from Healthy care Australia… Lip Balm here!




This perfume is also from my Portuguese friend who lives in Belgium…


This is my dearest friend who left for Australia two weeks ago… She is one of my best friends who has always been there for me… I hope we’ll meet again very soon… This picture was taken on her last day here and I accompanied her to a temple to offer prayers before her departure…


So, guys that’s all for now… Hope I’ll get time to blog soon… I have a full time job and I’m a full time mom, so I take really long to find time to blog… Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post… until next time…. cya…





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